About Us

The INMINS Group of Companies has been servicing the mining and allied industries since the 1950’s through its various branches which are situated throughout the country.

It is an organization which understands the needs of all facets of mining- precious metals, coal and non-precious metals, and industrial requirements, thus providing a wide range of consumables, maintenance and capital products.

An extensive branch network, strategically placed to cover key areas of mining and industry, enables the INMINS Group through its branches and affiliates, to occupy a commanding position in marketing quality products and associated services exclusively on behalf of reputable manufacturers.

Each branch has at its disposal the know-how and stock to suit the requirements of the area it serves, and is backed by well trained specialist manpower, thereby being uniquely placed to meet each customer’s individual needs

New expertise and technological development is continually being monitored at our Germiston Head Office, from where it is channeled to the entire branch networkInmins Group